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IBIZACREATIVES X Charlotte Kennedy

IBIZACREATIVES X Charlotte Kennedy

Happy Friday Leopards!

Welcome to part two of our Ibiza Creative series! Blogger @J.anne has taken to the island to get the lowdown from some extremely inspirational ladies!

Meet our girl Charlotte, a London girl born and bred, now travels the world as a freelance stylist. Charlotte has the most beautiful flat right in the heart of Dalt Villa. We wanted to know more about her experiences and what she loves most about Ibiza.

Charlotte sat at table with flamingo fly screen behind her
Super-babe Charlotte
three photos on a wall showing models in different locations in Ibiza
Ibiza Creatives Series - part two!

What is your personal journey in Ibiza, how long have you been here etc, What brings you to Ibiza and why Ibiza over anywhere else?

I came in 2009 after reading about the drumming circle at Benirras beach, I liked the romantic idea of the hippies that settled here in the 60’s never left. So I came and started to do test shoots, I moved into the old town with the gypsies & artists and felt calm and at home almost immediately. I have been here for almost 10 years now. I love that everyone is so happy and excited to be here, it's the land of the good vibe, the land of creativity, the land that time
Charlotte Kennedy sat on sun lounger with a cat
Ibiza Creative Charlotte Kennedy


You have worked at one of the biggest fashion magazines ever! Vogue Turkey & India! Why did you decide to transition from this to a freelance stylist?  

I loved working for these publications, I learnt so much, but I guess I was on my own journey and wanted to explore further and work for myself, I didn't realise it then, but I guess I was on a creative journey of self-discovery, Ibiza welcomed me and nurtured me, I’m a sunshine worshipper and the sunny days inspired me and the shoots rolled in.

view from balcony in ibiza showing rooftops and sea

Amazing views in Ibiza

You've worked with some great brands - what's your favourite thing about the job?

I love every aspect of my job, but my favourite thing is that we tell a story with beautiful clothes, we create pictures that exist in our imagination and bring them to life. We create art with clothes.


Where does your inspiration come from?

The sunshine.

Charlotte sat on stairs with model pictures framed on the wall

Super-babe Charlotte!

Do you have any top tips for anyone hoping to come over to Ibiza to live and work?

Have an open heart & an open mind & most importantly learn how to speak Spanish


You look hot - how do you stay healthy in the land of excess?

I don’t partake in the excess haha ;).


So there it is! The second part of our inspiring Ibiza Creatives series. We are totally obsessed with Charlotte and her super styling talent! Not only is she uber cool, but she has worked with some serious brands both on the island and beyond (including Dancing Leopard!). Some of her clientele include ITV, Ministry of Sound, Channel 4, OK! Magazine and many many more amazing brands! If you want to find out more about Charlotte, then head over to her website here! Anybody else wishing they could be styled from head-to-toe by Charlotte?! And maybe move to the Island, too...

Keep an eye out on our blog to see what else we get up to next!