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Leopards - It's Friday, the sun is shining, and we have another exciting exclusive for you all!!!!

We recently got to catch up with the incredible and super-talented Victoria from Anushka. Anushka is made up of duo Max Wheeler (producer) and Victoria Port (singer/songwriter) and they have recently launched their new music campaign! Victoria managed to take some time out of her busy but exciting schedule to fill us in on life in the fast lane!

Max Wheeler and Victoria Port in a greenhouse
Brighton-based duo Max Wheeler and Victoria Port

So tell us about where you live and what you do?

I am currently living in Hertfordshire and I am a singer/songwriter and wannabe Mary Berry. I sing in a duo called Anushka with Max Wheeler. We met in Brighton which is my second home. I  love being by the sea and try and get back as much as possible.

What’s’ your favourite thing about being in the music industry?

I love that I get to travel and experience different cultures. I've partied with a lot of different types of people. It's the best! I also love having the freedom to create and experiment.

What’s the best piece of career advice you were ever given?

The most important I think is to always be nice. Be on time and have fun but keep it professional. People want to work with people who are easy to work with it's as simple as that. I am really respectful of people's time and I think that's definitely important.

Victoria Port wearing red Dancing Leopard playsuit
Victoria looks incredible in Dancing Leopard!

We are sure the music scene isn't like a regular 9-5 - Do you have a morning routine or try to keep to a daily schedule?

I am a bit of an early riser by habit. I like to always feel like I've accomplished at least one thing each day. I try and plan my week and month. It's important to have deadlines, especially when you're a creative as there is always something extra you can add. You have to have an endpoint. Things are never finished but you have to learn to let things go.

When you're not gigging, recording and writing do you have any secret skills or side hustles?

I love to bake! I am literally the Cookie Monster! It's something I'd love to explore more. I also do a bit of music therapy which I find so incredibly rewarding and humbling. I think it's important to have a couple of strings to your bow and it just keeps everything interesting.

Victoria Port sat against wall wearing red Dancing Leopard playsuit
Victoria during a recent shoot abroad!

How would you describe your personal style and how does this change when you’re on stage?

I love playing dress up and I think my stage clothes are probably an exaggerated version of my everyday. I pull together a mixture of vintage and sportswear. I love anything with an interesting pattern and love to experiment with bold colour. I am a BIG fan of a co-ord. The Dancing Leopard Fabiana pants and  Phoenix pants are a wardrobe staple at the moment.

Who are your style icons?

Betty Davis is definitely one of my favourites. Her stage clothes in the 70s were just out of this world. I love anyone who dares to be individual and isn't afraid to sometimes get it wrong. Rihanna always looks amazing. Erykah Badu just doesn't conform to anything I love that. I think it's important to not get too caught up following trends, she is definitely someone who has found what works for her and runs with it. Authenticity is iconic to me.

Victoria Port wearing Dancing Leopard playsuit holding her hair
The beautiful Victoria makes up half of Anushka!

What do you like to do, when you need to escape?

I am addicted to spin class. Exercise is total escapism and you always feel better after doing it. Getting lost on a country walk somewhere is definitely up there too.

What have you got coming up? albums? singles? gigs? Where can we catch you?

We are so close to releasing our next single which is incredibly exciting. We took some time out to write this record and it's a reflection of how we've grown over the last few years. All the info on our future gigs can be found on our Facebook page - AnushkaUK

Victoria Port stood on a scooter wearing Dancing Leopard two piece
Victoria is seriously rocking Dancing Leopard on a recent shoot!

We think you will agree with us, Leopards, Anushka are pretty damn cool and we are totally inspired by their approach to the music they make! You can check them out and listen to their latest music release over on Instagram, Facebook, or you can listen to all of their singles here! They are definitely one to watch...and we will be watching, for sure!!!

Victoria Port sat against concrete wall wearing red Dancing Leopard playsuit
Super-babe Victoria Port


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