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Here at the Dancing Leopard, we love to meet the Creatives of Ibiza, the ones who came to this island and made it! We believe the island has a magical way of bringing artists, photographers, designers, stylists together to create one pretty amazing hub of people. We decided we wanted to tell their story, so we sent our blogger babe Jessica Anne to interview the girl crew of creatives that are currently living on the island, what anticipated their journey and how they got to where they are now.  Sounds exciting right? You have no idea! WOMAN POWER!

We met this beautiful, boho beauty at her gorgeous boutique at Babylon Beach in Ibiza. La Collective is one of those places that is filled with dreamy, unique treasures that you always aspire to own and see sitting in your wardrobe. We sent blogger Ibiza based babe @j.anne to find out more out Kate and her journey in Ibiza.

Kate Marron in a brightly coloured gown
Ibiza Creatives - Kate Marron

1 . What is your personal journey in Ibiza? How long have you been here, What brings you to Ibiza and why Ibiza over anywhere else?

I first came to Ibiza a scary 14 years ago!! Aaaah! When I was 18 for my first season, I came over here without a care in the world and the island basically stole my heart! So from then on I knew I’d be back and haven’t looked back after 5 years!

Kate Marron stood in front of an old green painted wooden door
The Amazing Kate Marron

2. What was your inspiration to start La collective Boutique?

I started La Collective Ibiza through my own frustration of never finding the right thing to wear!! I was fortunate enough to have some very talented creative friends including Jade from Dancing Leopard! So that’s how it all began.

Kate Marron looking at a dress on a clothes rail

3. You stock some amazing brands! How do you find them? Do you travel a lot?

I find my brands through a lot of research during the winter months! I pay close attention to Instagram and just think to myself what would I want, from daytime to evening, beach club to villa party!

inside of La Collective
Ibiza Creative Kate Marron

4. What obstacles did you come across when starting a fashion business in Ibiza?

I wouldn’t say there are obstacles as such, I enjoy trying to make the boutique different every year and trying to stay ahead of the game and offer new brands that hopefully no-one else has in Ibiza!

Kate Marron inside of La Collective

5. There's so much going on here in Ibiza in the Summer - how do you manage to stay focused?

Coffee coffee coffee! With the occasional martini! I don’t take life too seriously, to be honest, and I just believe in enjoying life and enjoying where you work, I think I have the balance just about right!

Kate Marron wearing a long colourful gown stood next to shrubbery

6. Advice to anyone who wants to start their own fashion company?

Offer something for all walks of life! Not everyone’s a shiny rainbow unicorn!

tattooed arm holding a blue necklace

7. How do you spend your free time in Ibiza?

I mix it up! Sometimes all I wanna do is be naked with a fan on me and sometimes I wanna shake my ass and sometimes bouj about on a boat, that’s the great thing about Ibiza, anything goes and everything changes!!

necklaces placed on a wooden surface

8. Do you think the island has changed much since you arrived?

The island is always changing, as is everywhere else on this beautiful planet, I just say roll with it and enjoy!!


So there you have it! A snapshot into the life of Ibiza creative and ultimate babe Kate Marron. If you are in Ibiza, be sure to head over to La Collective inside Babylon Beach in Santa Eularia, it is the perfect setting to grab some food and drinks with friends while the sun goes down!

Next week we will be bringing you part two of our creative series...watch this space!

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