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Can You Wear Trousers To A Wedding

Can You Wear Trousers To A Wedding

When we think of outfits for a wedding, we usually think floaty florals and long chiffon style dresses. But if you are attending a winter wedding, don't feel comfortable in dresses for weddings and skirts really are not your thing, can you wear trousers to a wedding?

With weddings becoming more relaxed and less traditional, the idea of formal wedding attire is slowly becoming a thing of the past. Being able to feel confident and comfortable in what you are wearing is so important, so whatever makes you feel your best whether it be a dress or trousers, is always a great choice.

Can I Wear Trousers To A Wedding

The short answer is yes. With old gender norms becoming a thing of the past, traditional ceremonies are moving with the times and what was considered masculine and feminine has been blurred and being your most authentic you is encouraged. However, with any wedding there may be a dress code or ‘rules’ to consider when choosing your wedding guest trousers. 

Finding out the dress code of the event is always the easiest way to avoid under or overdressing. If the code indicates a formal style wedding then opting for a more tailored, formal trouser fit is a great option. If it's more laid back and smart/casual, then a wide leg trouser with a relaxed fit but still slightly tailored is a good option to consider. 

If you are unsure of the formality of the day, dress trousers are a good choice to avoid disappointment. These can be styled with a more formal or casual top if needed, and accessories to match. 

Other Factors To Consider

With most weddings, there are always little things to consider that may not always cross your mind:

  • Jeans are almost always a no. If you know the wedding is going to be a very laid back and casual day, jeans may cross your mind as an outfit of choice, but this should be double checked with the soon to be married couple. 
  • Consider culture. Weddings are considered one of the most important day in both religious and cultural ceremonies. This means that you may not be able to wear trousers on some occasions based on either religious, cultural or both circumstances. 
  • Colours and tones too close to white. This may go without saying but avoid colours such as white, champagne, ivory and any pale pastels or neutrals that could come across as white in person or photographs
  • When the bride is wearing trousers, double check. Although most brides probably won't mind that you also want to wear trousers, it's best to check. 

What Trousers Should I Wear?

Decided to wear trousers to your next upcoming wedding? Here are some of the best picks to choose from:

Jesse Trousers in Black

Ideal for a formal wedding day, the Jesse Trousers in Black are super versatile and can do it all. The high-waisted style and tailored wide legs are perfect for a black tie style ceremony or reception. Featuring a belt and darts for the perfect fit. Style with court heels, a pussy bow blouse and gold or silver jewellery to finish the look.

Joey Palazzo Trousers In Abstract White On Navy

The Joey Palazzo Trousers in Abstract White on Navy are a great pair of trousers for a rural style wedding, with boho vibes and a wide leg style finish. Pair with wedge heeled sandals, a flowing blouse tucked in for an Autumn wedding, or tucked in cami for a summer's day.

HALO Tahiti Trousers In Fawn

If you are jetting off to a beach wedding, or wedding abroad then the HALO Tahiti Trousers are the perfect mix of smart casual, but also relaxed and cool. Made from organic cotton, they will keep you covered but also ideal for a vacation style outfit. Just pair with heeled sandals and a cami top to complete the look.

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