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Can You Wear A Short Dress To A Wedding

Can You Wear A Short Dress To A Wedding

Choosing what to wear for a wedding is always a bit of a challenge. From dress codes, to times of year, to even where and when the wedding is, it's a lot of things to consider when deciding what to wear. But one style of dress for weddings that is often considered an automatic no, is a short mini style dress. So, can you wear a short dress to a wedding? 

Can I Wear A Short Dress To A Wedding

With weddings becoming less ‘traditional’ as ever, modern weddings are more likely to have less strict dress codes and outfit expectations for their guests. However, short does not mean revealing. This means although a mini dress could be acceptable, it's best to avoid something that could be revealing, and not something you would want to wear around the bride or groom's grandparents. 

Like with any outfit at a wedding, you don't want it to overshadow the newly weds. This means opting for a dress that doesn't draw all the attention to yourself, but is both flattering and makes you feel great. Although this is someone else's day, you still get to feel comfortable, relaxed and confident enough to enjoy the day in what you are wearing.



This mini wrap style dress is the perfect balance of mini but also reserved. The ¾ length sleeves and wrap style allows for a relaxed feel, while also being mini and fun enough for the evening reception.

When To Avoid A Short Dress

Some weddings may not be the best place to pull out the mini dress as a wedding guest. These weddings are usually formal or black tie style weddings, or very traditional religious weddings where you could be going to a place of worship if you have been invited for the ceremony. For these situations it's best to choose a wedding guest dress that is below the knee.


But with anything you are not sure about, it's always best to double check with either the bride or groom to see what kind of dress code (if any) they are expecting to see. Plus asking before the day is a lot better for everyone than waiting until the big day and feeling the back of your head burning from the eyes of the married couple. 

Tips For Wearing A Short Dress To A Wedding

For summary, here are some quick tips if you are considering wearing a short dress for a wedding: 


  • Read the invite: Whether it's an invite for the full ceremony or just the evening receptions, it's always good to read your invite properly. This is because you could miss important dress code information, or see where the ceremony will be held, which could then help you decide on if wearing a short dress is right for this occasion.

  • Keep the eyes on the bride: Like every wedding, you never want to upstage the bride on her special day. This means if you feel like wearing a short dress, just consider whether it's going to draw the attention away from the bride. Factors such as too revealing, a cream or very light beige tone that could be seen as white from a distance or in photos, are all extra elements to consider.

  • Balance the dress: If you are wanting a shorter style dress, then choosing something with a more covered top half, or some ¾ or long sleeves will help balance out the dress and also stop it looking too going out to a party, and more formal for a wedding. This can also help when deciding what to wear on warmer spring weddings, or even a wedding abroad where you may need more coverage from the sun, but also want to keep cool in the heat.

  • If in doubt, ask: If you have your heart set on a mini dress, but are still on the fence as to whether to wear it or not, then there is no harm in asking. Double checking with the soon to be married couple will always be more appreciated than turning up on the day in something you maybe shouldn't have. 

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