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Can You Wear Black To A Wedding?

Can You Wear Black To A Wedding?

When deciding what to wear for a wedding, we usually think of florals, soft pastels and romantic prints, but can black be an option to wear for your next wedding invite? Every wardrobe essential is the LBD, that one go-to dress that you know will never fail you. But does an LBD belong at the wedding? With various factors such as tradition, culture and superstition, your black dress might have to stay on the rail. 

Tradition & Culture Says Not To

Traditionally, black is considered a colour worn to occasions such as funerals when mourning, so the idea of wearing a colour associated with this on a day filled with happiness and love, is usually not accepted. If you know the wedding also will be held in a church or religious house then black is probably best avoided as you do not want to offend anyone on the day. But with many wedding traditions being thrown away and replaced with new modern wedding days, the idea of wearing black may not be a 100% no. Culture also needs to be considered, similarly to religion when it comes to wearing black at a wedding. 

So if you know that the bridesmaids are wearing black, does that mean that you can too? Well it's always a tough one deciding to wear an outfit that also happens to be the same colour as the bridesmaids, but whereas neutrals, pastels and block colours sometimes cannot be avoided when choosing what to wear as a guest, black can be. It's probably not the best idea if you know the bridesmaids are also wearing black to choose this to wear on the day. This is because black is so out of the box to choose as a guest to wear that it may come across as you trying to be a part of the day in a bigger way. 

Another aspect to consider is when in the year or where in the world the wedding will be. If it's a beach resort wedding or a hot climate then wearing black may cause you to overheat which could end with sweat marks and dripping makeup - not a good look. Black on hot summer days also means you will stand out from the crowd as many guests will probably opt for more floral and lighter tones.  

But, Can You Wear Black To A Wedding?

So is it ok to wear black to a wedding? If you have the OK from the couple, and you feel confident and comfortable in what you are wearing then black is fine to wear to a wedding. If you are still worried and wondering “is it rude to wear black to a wedding?”, the main aspects you have to consider are the cultural, religious and personal preference from the soon to be married couple, once you have all these confirmed, then you have nothing to worry about. 

Black Dresses To Wear To A Wedding

So if you have decided to wear black, then here are some dresses to wear to a wedding for you!


Goldie Midaxi Dress in Abstract Green on Black

Jagger Maxi Dress in Polka Dot Blue on Black


Yondal Dress in Black & White Peony


Top Tips

Here are some top tips for helping you make your decision to wear black or not for a wedding. 

Ask The Couple

Like many things in life when you are unsure of a situation and need advice, ask your friends and family. If you are not sure if a black dress is the right decision then the best advice is, straight from the couple getting wed. This is the quickest and easiest way to make sure that your LBD will be welcomed in with open arms, rather than rejection. Not only will the couple appreciate your consideration for their big day, but also lay to rest any anxieties you may have about your chosen dress on the day. 

Get A Feel From The Invite

You can learn a lot from and invite, such as venue, time of the ceremony and formality of the day. But you also get a feel for the aesthetics of the day. If the invite is showing classic romantic pastels and soft lilacs then black may not be the best option to wear. But if the invite is giving black tie, cocktail wedding guest attire, then reaching out to the soon to be newlyweds and asking if a black dress is fine, then it's worth raising the question. 

Consider The Formality & Location

Traditions and formality are two of the biggest aspects of a wedding that you don't want to offend and so making sure that you have considered both of these things when choosing any wedding guest outfit. But also the location, whether it be a summer wedding in a rural setting, traditional church wedding or a wedding abroad, you will need to think if black is the best option for these venues. Make sure you have looked into the weather too, you want to avoid overheating and ruining the look by sweating. 

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