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What Colours Should You Not Wear To A Wedding

What Colours Should You Not Wear To A Wedding

We all struggle with deciding what to wear as a wedding guest. With thoughts like, how formal will it be? What's the weather going to be like? What if it’s outside? And what colour should I wear to a wedding? All going through your mind, making a decision isn’t easy, to say the least. So, we’ve created our guide to help you pick out the perfect wedding guest colour, every time.

Definite NO…

Although this might be obvious, we’re just really making sure that we all agree that white and colours close to white are a definite no when choosing your next wedding guest outfit. 


This goes without saying, white and dresses for a wedding guest are a big no. It’s tradition that the bride wears white, and while some might consider this old school, it’s still very common that only the bride wears white. The only times you might be able to wear white to a wedding would be if it's requested by the happy couple, or you have a white-based dress with large colourful prints over the top, that’s clearly not a wedding dress. 

Ivory, Or Anything Close To White

Creams, beiges, and any light neutrals can easily be mistaken for a white, so it’s probably a good idea to steer clear. 

Colours Which Are A Maybe… 

When we think of colours not to wear to a wedding we always think of the obvious, white. But there are other tones and textures you might want to re-think before picking out your wedding guest outfits for the year. 


Known as a bright and bold statement maker, neon colours can be a little much for someone’s wedding day. As it’s naturally an attention grabber, neon distracts from the bride (which we definitely don’t want), so save your neon outfits for another day. 


Metallics are naturally pretty flashy, which aren’t a great option for a wedding as they risk upstaging the bride. Lots of metallic pieces also include glitter and sequins which are great for the hen do, but can be distracting on the big day. Some brides also pick out sparkly gowns for their bridesmaids so this could become confusing if you all turn up in gold glitter!  

Gold & Champagne

Gold and champagne tones are another colour that’s smart to avoid as a guest, due to the risk of being also worn by the Bride. With many Brides going against the traditional white wedding gown, tones such as light golds and champagnes are becoming more and more popular. These hues can also be mistaken for white in photos, which is just another reason to avoid these colours on the big day. 

The Bridesmaid Dresses Colour

Usually, the bride will pick out a specific colour palette for her bridesmaids, so avoiding the bridesmaids dress code colour can save you from awkwardness on the day, and the embarrassment of being mistaken for the wedding party! 

Although this can be difficult to judge from the invitation if there’s no obvious clue for the colour theme of the day, it's a good idea to avoid colours that could be worn by the bridesmaids. These colours are usually neutral or soft pastels and so we’d advise steering clear. 

Colours Not To Wear At Certain Cultural or Religious Weddings

Some colours aren’t just a social no-no, they can also be inappropriate for some cultures and religious weddings. So, make sure you keep this in mind when attending one of these weddings.


Black is commonly worn as a sign of respect to lost loved ones in many religions, so black should be avoided at a happy occasions like weddings. Also if you’re attending a Hindu wedding, black is considered unlucky so it’s best to avoid it. 


Although we love a bright red it should be avoided, as in traditional Chinese and Indian weddings, red is reserved for the bride. Known for bringing good luck, happiness and prosperity, it’s best to leave this colour to the happy couple.

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