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How To Dress For Breastfeeding In Style: 5 Outfit Ideas

How To Dress For Breastfeeding In Style: 5 Outfit Ideas

As a new mum, you have a long list of new experiences to go through. And, if you have chosen to breastfeed, then what you wear may be one of them, or at least how it's now changed. Whether you’re pumping or breastfeeding, being able to easily feed your baby is important, but also how we feel and look is also important as a new parent. 

On average, a newborn baby will eat around 8 to 12 times every 24 hours for the first few weeks of their lives - that's a lot! But as many mums will tell you, this means you will have to fit in feeds and pumps in your already busy schedule. But, it's not always so well known how to dress for breastfeeding. This is why it's great to invest in a few comfortable, nursing friendly dresses with the flexibility of nursing but can also be worn pre, post and during your nursing period.

Jagger Maxi Dress In Magenta

Is there anything this dress can’t do? One of our bestsellers, the Jagger Maxi Dress in Magenta is a stand out wardrobe must-have for when you have an event in your calendar, but you’re also nursing. Ideal for weddings, birthdays and celebrations, this wrap style chiffon dress is both comfortable and lightweight.

Ginger Mini Wrap Dress In White On Green Cloud


When discovering how to wear a dress while breastfeeding, a wrap style top is an easy go-to option. The Ginger Mini Wrap is ideal for summer, with its lightweight chiffon style fabric and statement blouson sleeves you can feel both covered and cool. The cloud print also helps hide any spills or leaks.

Kansas Mini Wrap Dress In Bright Blue Leopard


The Kansas mini wrap is the perfect party dress. With a bright blue leopard print design and wrap waist, it adjusts to find your perfect fit. The kimono style sleeves allow for a relaxed look with turned-back cuffs.

Havannah Maxi Wrap Dress In Abstract White On Blue

Perfectly practical for nursing with its low v and abstract print, the Havannah is both structured dart details but also flowy with a deep frill hem.

Cayenne Dress In Small Green Leopard


A timeless print that will see you through almost any event, the Cayenne in small green leopard. With short angel sleeves, and a small slit high low front it's perfect for a wedding or special occasion. 

Tips for Choosing Breastfeeding Clothes

If you still need some help on what to look out for when choosing nursing friendly dresses, here are some tips:

  • Choose loose fitting tops, this will keep you comfortable by reducing pressure on your chest. 
  • Prints and patterns are a great option to reduce obvious signs of leaking and stains. The mix of colours and design will help hide any messes much better than block colours. 
  • An emergency layer for discreet feeding. Scarves, jackets and cardigans are perfect options for breastfeeding in public, but also can be used to help cover or hide leaks and stains. 
  • Opting for v neck or wrap styles are a great way to adjust fit easily but also can be adjusted for feeding.
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