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Leopards, we are back with another new exciting interview with one of our super-cool babes, Lauren! You may recognise the lovely Lauren from the last time we chatted to her back in February last year! You can read what she was up to back then here.

So we last chatted with you in February last year! What have you been up to since then??

Oh wow… last year was busy… I had shows at Box Gallery in Chelsea, Kinetica Museum Art Fair and did an installation with my infinity mirror coffin at The South Bank Centre.

During the summer, I travelled through Europe,.. I didn’t plan it too much… from walking barefoot in the mountains of Portugal to dancing in Amsterdam, checking galleries in Barcelona and chilling on a yacht in Ibiza.

A landmark point this year was launching my new studio and viewing space - on Floral St in October - with a new collection called ‘The Colour Of Energy’ - exploring my visual interpretation of unseen energy via a multi-sensory interactive art. In December I had the best art trip in Miami for Art Basel showing with Art Angels Gallery. What a year!

Lauren Baker stood against wall beside you blow my mind artwork
Lauren Baker

Lauren wears the Paris Faux Fur in Marble with the Roscoe Jumpsuit.

The gallery looks amazing - how much time has it taken you to get it to this point?!

Thank you! I got the space and turned a new show around in 2 weeks… I hardly slept and some incredible friends stepped in to make miracles happen!

Lauren Baker stood in front of fabric storage boxes
Lauren Baker

If you had to pick one - what would be your favourite piece?!

Universal Frequency is my current favourite… It’s a 1.8m canvas with neon and diamond dust and it represents my visual interpretation of the ‘heart chakra’ energy. I combined my digital design with diamond dust and neon, comes with an ambient sound piece, set to the sound frequency of the heart – 431.1 Hz and I then hook people’s fingers up to an electrical current, also set to the vibration of the heart – again 431.1 Hz… people gaze at the artwork and most reported having an out of body experience!

Lauren Baker hanging artwork on a wall
Lauren Baker

You seem to travel a lot! What’s your favourite place you have visited and why?! 
I adore travelling… I like to create space for new ideas to flow. I love change. I love cultural and historical places with mind-blowing sights like Ankor Wot in Cambodia, and the Sphinx in Egypt. I am most drawn to places that feel ‘otherworldly’… from the moon-like Salt Flats in Bolivia to the fluorescent ‘aura borealis’ Icelandic skies. I tend to seek artistic and spiritual hubs where I can learn and connect to a higher consciousness… I embarked on some profound adventures when I did ‘the moon course’ in Guatemala and during ceremonies in the Peruvian Amazon. These trips were life-changing.

Lauren Baker beside you blow my mind artwork
Lauren Baker

What’s your go-to outfit for when you’re creating art in the studio? 

Black jeans, black jumper, black beanie…often with paint splatters…. warm and mobile!

Lauren Baker using a spirit level to hang artwork on a wall
Lauren Baker

What about a girls night out - what would be your outfit of choice?!

I’m mostly wearing the Dancing Leopard block colour long floaty dresses out and about as I feel fun and fabulous in them.

What inspires you the most? 

Apart from travelling, I get the most ideas when I do yoga and meditation. When I am in sync I remember my dreams and get inspiration from them.

Lauren Baker beside everything is going to be amazing artwork
Lauren Baker

Lauren wears the San Diego Shirt with the Harley Skirt in Red.

Do you have any New Years goals?! 

Yeah! To be in a state of flow as much as possible. To work less… yet create more innovative and expressive conceptual artworks. This year is about effortless joy and new creations and I’m excited for some fresh new vibes working with galleries on shows around the world.

Lauren Baker beside 6 pieces of artwork on wall
Lauren Baker

What’s next on the agenda for you?!

I have art fairs coming up this month in Miami, NYC in March and then Switzerland in June for Art Basel. Right now I am enjoying my beautiful big studio space on Floral St, London where I'm currently creating new works. Join my mailing list for upcoming talks and events. I’ll be hanging out between LA and London this summer and in Miami again in December. I’m seeking out creative hubs – ideally in the sun – and, like my dear friend Adam Robinson says, ‘expect magic and miracles’.

Lauren baker stood alongside everything is going to be amazing artwork
Lauren Baker

I think it is safe to say Lauren has such an exciting and inspirational energy! If you want to check out more of Lauren you can check out her website at www.laurenbakerart.com or follow her on Instagram. Lauren is totally rocking Dancing Leopard head-to-toe! If you want to bag yourselves any of these pieces, head over to our website, here!


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