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City Chic 001 x Lauren Baker

City Chic 001 x Lauren Baker

Hey, lovely Leopards! We are so excited to show you the first in our series of interviews with City Chic urban Leopards. We wanted to delve deeper into the lives and minds of our gorgeous girls to see what makes them tick and what is is that inspires them. First Up is Lauren Baker - a super cool artist in London.

So tell us about where you live and work currently?

I live in Stoke Newington and I cycle to work listening to music for 10 mins.

I've got a railway arch studio at Hackney Downs Studios.

Lauren Baker sat on stair with dog in her lap

What do you do for a living?
I've been a full-time Contemporary Multidisciplinary Artist for 6 years.

What's' your favourite thing about where you work? 
My railway arch studio has a warehouse feel with exposed white bricks and backs on to Hackney Downs Park where I walk Dude. I love having a big bright space where I can get messy and store all my materials.

What's the best piece of advice you were ever given?
Art is medicine. Creativity equals happiness.

What's your morning routine?
I'm a night owl and am often up till 1/2am. I wake around 8/9am and keep my eyes closed until I remember my dream. I find it hard to pull the silky gray curtains of my 4-poster bed as it's my favourite place to be, though as soon as I'm up I get going with a shot of apple cider vinegar, make a matcha green tea, a cacao & banana smoothie, & prepare 8 vitamins. Then I sip the tea and (try to) meditate for 10 mins. I write down my dream, mind dump some thoughts, & write 10 things I'm grateful for. Then I'm good to go; down the smoothie & realise I'm nearly late for work and feel grateful to live so close to my art studio! Once I'm in the studio I play Chill FM or Classical music loud and get in the creative flow.

Lauren Baker holding her dog whilst wearing Dancing Leopard

What have you got on at work at the moment? 
I've been working insane hours creating new artworks interpreting the tantric energy of entwined souls for my solo show Entwined at Box Galleries, Chelsea, London (on until 23rd Feb). Now I'm preparing for 3 more shows this month, including; a light exhibition at Rise Gallery launching on 9th Feb, Kinetica Museum's 10-year anniversary show on 17th Feb, and Vivienne Westwood's Climate Change event in conjunction with Olumide Gallery on 20th Feb. Another hectic month!

Here's some of Lauren's beautiful glowing artwork! It would look seriously good on our wall at  Dancing Leopard HQ!

Lauren Baker I love you to the moon and back artwork
You Are Pure Magic Neon Light Sign

What keeps you busy outside of your art? 
After work, I go to private views, drink prosecco and catch up with friends. Or I go to yoga for a late night steam at Shoreditch House. I hop about on my turquoise Brompton bike until I'm wiped out and chuck it in the back of an Uber.

How would you describe your personal style and how does this change when you're in work mode?
My style is creative and playful, smart-casual. When I go out I like strong colours and patterns. I often wear shirts buttoned up. I like to feel grounded and ready for action in flat sturdy boots. In the studio, I mostly wear black jeans & a jumper so I don't waste time wondering what to wear.

Lauren Baker holding dog walking down steps wearing Dancing Leopard

What do you like to do, when you need to escape?

I escape quite a lot! This time last year I was in Guatemala studying Tantra and Metaphysics for a few months. I like my adventures to be a combination of learning, reflecting, and chilling on a beach and I also love cocktails! I don't like planning too much... getting a last minute one-way ticket thrills me. Spontaneity is key to my adventures. I get so inspired from traveling and spirituality. Now I'm dreaming of a beach.. just got to nail these next 3 shows then I'm heading for hot seas!

To check out more on Lauren - visit her website www.laurenbakerart.com  or hit her up on Twitter or Instagram.

Want to nominate someone to be featured in our 'City Chic' series, or want to be featured yourself? Comment below and let us know !!!



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