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How Many Pairs of Pyjamas Do You Need?

How Many Pairs of Pyjamas Do You Need?

When it comes to pyjamas, enough is never enough because there are always new prints, fabrics and designs that we love. From short pyjama sets, that are perfect for warm summer nights, to cosy cotton pairs that can be worn lounging around the house and in bed, we LOVE getting into our pyjamas. But with a drawer that's overflowing with PJs, it's hard to know what to keep and what it’s time to say goodbye to. 

How Many Pairs Of Pyjamas Do You Need?

Whether you’re lounging around at home after a busy work week, or just enjoying a well-earned PJ day, we want to feel comfy and look good while you’re relaxing. But when you’re running out of space in your wardrobe, you know it’s time for a declutter.

When deciding how much loungewear you’ll need, keep in mind personal factors such as your lifestyle, what you like to sleep in and how often you do your laundry. After you’ve thought about this, you’ll be able to decide what the perfect amount of PJs is for you. 

model wearing Cosmos Satin Long Leg PJ Set in Ruby Red Leopard

How Many Pairs Is Average

So, you’ve decided to sort through your PJs, but where to start? To help you decide how many pairs to keep, consider how often you wear them. Most of us wear our PJs to bed three to four times before they end up in the washing basket. So, each week, you would need two pairs to see you through until your weekly wash. If you’re someone who loves lounging around all day, you’re going to need a few more pairs! Of course, you’ll want pairs for different times of the year, so play around and pick out the fabrics and styles that work best. Finally, it's all about how they make you feel. We love bold designs and gorg’ patterns that make us feel fabulous in our chosen PJs.

model wearing Oona Shortie PJ Set in Mint Ditsy Leopard

Oona Shortie PJ Set in Mint Ditsy Leopard

What Types of Pyjamas Should You Own

Feeling good is a must, and there’s no reason that this can’t be the case when you want to get comfy. But with so many styles to choose from, such as nightshirts, satin sets, cotton pairs and PJ short sets, it can be hard to pick your perfect pair! So when deciding which types of PJs you would like, there are a few things to think about. How do they make you feel? What kind of print and feel do you prefer? Do they suit the season and weather? Try to create a collection that answers all your PJ needs.  


Cosmos Satin Long Leg PJ Set in Bamboo Navy Base 

Satin Pyjamas

Satin PJs are ideal for summer. The breathable, lightweight and floaty fabric is great for those warm summer nights, to keep you at a comfortable temperature while you sleep. Whether you prefer long trouser designs, short sets or nighties, this versatile fabric is perfect for printed designs and patterns, giving it a touch of elegance and luxury.

model wearing Cosmos Satin Long Leg PJ Set in Oversized Mono Leopard

Cosmos Satin Long Leg PJ Set in Oversized Mono Leopard


Cotton Pyjamas

If you’re looking for maximum cosiness and comfort, then a pair of cotton pyjamas are exactly what you need. They’ll keep you toasty, so they’re perfect for the colder winter months. This natural and breathable material can help to regulate your body's temperature, so you’ll stay cosy without overheating. 

Long Sleeve Pyjamas

Long sleeve PJs are a classic nightwear staple. Perfect for daytime lounging or winter sleepwear, this throw-on style is versatile and goes from season to season. With full-length sleeves and a structured collar, PJ shirts not only look great, they also keep you warm.


model wearing Nyx Satin Nightshirt in Polka Dot Blue on Black


Nyx Satin Nightshirt in Polka Dot Blue on Black 

Short Sleeve Pyjamas

With their airy, relaxed feel, short sleeve PJs are the go-to for all your summer sleepwear needs. Usually paired with shorts, this PJ set will keep you cool and comfy while still looking fabulous.

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