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What To Wear To A Garden Wedding

What To Wear To A Garden Wedding

We all love attending a wedding but one of the most beloved wedding styles of all is a garden wedding. With many people opting for an outdoor wedding in the warmer summer months it can be assumed that if you have a wedding coming up in the months of June to August you can almost guarantee it will be a garden wedding. But what to wear to a garden wedding

The obvious choice: florals

Although it might feel a little cliché, florals are the perfect option for a garden wedding. Surrounded by nature and flowers, a floral design print is a natural choice for a wedding outfit. Think large florals or ditsy prints, both will be enhanced by the surroundings and also tie in with the romantic settings for the day. Florals are also very adaptable and can be worn whether you are attending a casual or formal wedding day, accessories with bags, shoes and jewellery to dress up or down a formal outfit. 

Estella Midaxi Dress In Green Tulip

Cayenne Dress In Cream Base Tulip

It doesn’t have to be a dress

We might always assume when we are going to be attending a wedding that it needs to be a dress that we wear on the day. But jumpsuits are a great alternative if you prefer to have your legs covered. Go for wide leg palazzo pants style trousers and thin straps for a light summer feel. Mix with a floral print to take it into garden party style. Style with a pair of wedges to complete the look. Tip: If you know you will be walking on a surface such as grass, pebbles, wood chip or stone then opt for a pair of wedge heels to avoid sinking into the mud, or losing your balance. 

Keep it light with pastels

Pastels are a good go to option for a garden party venue. If you are attending a venue that you know will be very flowery then a block pastel tone could help you avoid clashing in photos with the surroundings. Pastels are also romantic shades and light which is ideal for warmer climates. Be careful with what colour pastel you choose, as pastels are also a popular colour for summer bridesmaids. Try to gain an understanding of the weddings colour theme from the invite and avoid colours that could be worn by the main roles in the wedding. 


Throw in a ruffle

Looking to make a statement? Throw in a ruffle. Ruffles add a soft statement to a dress that also ties in nicely with a romantic setting such as a wedding. Go for ruffled collars, necklines, sleeves and hems, but maybe not all at once. Ruffled layers such as smock style dresses and tiered style dresses are a great option. Take it one step further with layered organza or lace for an extra wedding day touch. Pair with delicate jewellery, a simple clutch and sandal heels to let the dress do all the work. 

Maxi lengths aren’t just for winter

Maxi length dresses might not seem the obvious choice for a garden party wedding, but a maxi dress is an elegant style dress that can be worn all year round. Choose a flowing fabric such as chiffon or satin like material to add a light and airy feel to the outfit. A maxi length dress is also a good option for a formal style garden wedding, the long length will meet more modest dress codes and also keep your legs protected from the weather in the summer heat. 

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