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Wild List 2017 - The Big Travel Trends

Wild List 2017 - The Big Travel Trends

The new year's parties are well past over and we are still trying our hardest to keep our new year’s resolutions, even if for some of us dry January has turned a little damp...

The one thing that remains on our minds… What adventures are in store for us this year?

Whether you’re an intrepid traveler or all about your city chic weekends we’ve compiled the ultimate ‘Wild List’ for 2017’  featuring the top 3 trends and destinations to inspire you this year. So get out there darling Leopards and consume the vast beauties that the world has to offer.

Trend no. 1 - Ecotourism 

Nowadays we are becoming more and more conscious of the world around us and how we impact it. There has been a definite shift with millennials towards eco-conscious living as a whole and our travel plans have not escaped this phenomenon.

There are habits we can adopt to decrease our impact on the environment as we travel. Here are some quick top tips;

  • Avoiding the use of plastic bags. We all know plastic is hella awful for the earth so remember to take your totes with you when you visit local markets.
  • On the same note, avoid bottled water and take a reusable glass bottle with you to top up instead.
  • Take public transport and cut your emissions dramatically!
  • Use overground instead of flights and your carbon footprint will shrivel up.

If you’re super dedicated to making an impact there are also companies that offer ‘carbon offset adventures’ or great opportunities to travel all around the world working on organic farms! Check out WWOOF they are a renowned company offering this!

Best Destinations for Eco-tourism….Columbia with WWOOF

WWOOFING in Central America. Photo by Jonathon Engels
WWOOFING in Central America. Photo by Jonathon Engels

Trend No.2 - Digital Nomads

We’ve all seen those people on Instagram traveling the world whilst working on their laptops but are they for real? The answer is a very definite yes! Just for a second let’s ignore the ones you see on Insta, selling the millionaire lifestyles and let me tell that living abroad (especially in places like southeast Asia) is actually cheaper than living in most of the cities in the UK. In fact, you can live like the queen that you are on around £800 a month.  So if you work remotely it’s a very tangible opportunity. And remote work is growing, the most recent stats say 50% off the workforce in the US will be remote by 2020 and the UK is hot on its heels. Go on take the plunge… try it out! If you need a little help there is an amazing Facebook Group called ‘Digital Nomad Girls’ a really sensationally supportive group of women sharing stories, tips and organizing meetups in places all around the world.

Best Destinations for Digital Nomads...Bali or Thailand

Digital Nomad girl working from Hubud coworking space in Bali
Digital Nomad girl working from Hubud coworking space in Bali - Photo by http://www.raphaelolivier.com/

Trend No.2 -Solo girl travels

“All the women who independent - thrown your hands up at me! All the honies who making money, throw your hands up at meeeeeee.” Via the sensational lyrics of Destiny’s Child, I think you get where I’m going with this one. We are talking about the Solo girl traveler.

OK yes, the solo girl traveler has existed for many years but as more paths are walked all around the world and with the growth of safe accommodation giants like Airbnb, it seems that us women are feeling more confident about taking our adventures alone. Although let’s face it when you travel alone you actually end up making more friends than you would if you’re already traveling with someone.

You can see the emergence of this trend through the growth of Instagram hashtags such as #sologirltraveller #radgirlslife #sheexplores . Check them out and feel empowered to go wild solo style!

Places to visit as a solo girl traveller…. Stockholm or Taiwan

lady holding camera and backpack in Stockholm
Stockholm - Photo by http://herpackinglist.com/

We will be featuring a series of Wild girl travelers running up to Summer - so if you are a travel blogger and would like to share your adventure stories hit us up via Twitter or Instagram or Facebook.

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