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The Ultimate Guide To An Alternative Valentines Day

The Ultimate Guide To An Alternative Valentines Day

Is anyone else bored of the constant pressures of valentine's day?

Forced fun dates at over packed restaurants are so Blasé Darling!  This year we vote to boycott the traditional Valentine's day and dedicate it to our bestest sisters and brothers from another mother. Let’s flip reverse it this year Leopards. Whether you're single or loved up! Happy UnValentines day, my dear!

Check out these badass alternative ideas for making your UnValentines night was good it will become an awesome tradition for years to come!

      • Film Night (at home)
people sat on grass with cushions and image projected onto white sheet in trees

Rent out an old school projector and host a film night! Get all you besties round and their partners too - trust me it will be super cool. If you don't wnat evryone too get too soppy then don't just dive into the usual chick flicks or rom coms. Why not turn your evening into a Scarefest with some spine-tingling horrors! There are some terrifying ones on Netflix right now but the old classics never fail to impress!

It would also be super cool to create the whole cinema experience. So once you have eyour seating area all setup, there’s so many cute ‘mini snack’ ideas you could make. Mini hot dogs, cute little popcorn boxes and I’d totally set up a prosecco bar (heck you're at home is your rules !!!). Then just sit back and relax.

popcorn in boxes

      • Throw a single girl party

OK so you're single, embrace it! Before you go out, why not all get ready together with a glass of vino. You could ever try a dress swap or try new hairstyles out on each other. Then whether you plan to stay in or go out on the town don't forget to rip up the dance floor with your girls. Check out our new in for banging’ outfit and spend some girl time with your besties.

Looking for some outfit inspiration - Check out our 'New IN items' for a bangin' outfit!

Staying in - check out these cute Fries before Guys snacks from Studio DIY.

packets of fries in fries before guys packaging

      • Home spa night

If you’re loved up or decided you’re just having a night in with your dear old mum, why not spend some quality time together at home? It’s all the craze to create your own DIY beauty products. So smush some avocado and honey and kick back with some faces masks and a takeaway! For real... When do we take the time to look after ourselves a little bit. A little self love goes a long way !

lady wearing face mask

      • Host a ‘group date’ dinner party

You have a great bunch of friends, so wouldn't it be super cool to mix it up with a tapas night? Set a theme or  a country and invite everyone to bring some delicious home cooked food from that region. I don't know about you but I get serious food envy at normal restaurants so this is kinda my food dream right here! OK ok, we are starting to realise that most of our suggestions are based around food .... like these yummy morsels!!!!

tray of homemade pizzas and pot of olives

      • Go to a museum (Look this one is not about food!!!)

Trust us, Museums will be pretty darn quiet on valentines and there are some super cool late night tours happening at museums all over the UK. Check out the V&A it is all kinds of awesome, especially when you have the place to yourselves! I bet you've never done this before!!!

statue in museum

Whatever way you decide to spend valentines, whether you celebrate with your partner, your bestie or not at all - just find  a way to share some love!

Big love to you smushy lot! X

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