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A celebration of our signature styles. 

We’re shining a light on our most-loved classics over the years, marrying each one with a famous Ibiza backdrop. These pieces have stood the test of time and still leave us wanting more. They are the definition of iconic.

Introducing the fifth style in our series… the Sienna Dress.

The Sienna dress, photographed at Sant Josep, Ibiza. Why here? The sunset at Sant Josep is famously beautiful, with its orange hues against the ocean blue sea. We couldn't miss the opportunity to shoot during Ibiza's golden hour.

Here’s the first drawing of our Sienna Dress. Originally, it was called the Jade Dress. In 2019, we updated this style to create a more fitted shape and changed the fabric to a slightly heavier crepe. We also gave it micro-straps and a midaxi cut. Just like that, the Sienna was born!


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