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Leopard Babes: Anna Wiild, Founder of AWiild Skincare

Leopard Babes: Anna Wiild, Founder of AWiild Skincare

We caught up with our Ibiza-based friend, makeup artist and skincare brand founder, Anna Wild, to talk about her new venture, AWiild. So far, AWiild has launched its first luxurious face cream, with more products promised to land soon. Every product is made from natural, vegan ingredients and infused with crystals. Sound like your kind of thing? Read on to find out more...

DL: Anna, you’ve been a friend of DL’s for a long time! Do you want to share how we’ve worked together?

Anna: Wow, yes a very long time, since before it all began. Head leopard Jade & I met during our first Ibiza season about 20 years ago and have been pals ever since. I actually did the makeup for one of the very first DL shoots when I was fresh out of makeup school, that feels like a lifetime ago haha. We've done many Dancing Leopard shoots together over the years, they're always so much fun. It's been so wonderful watching the brand grow during all that time, and of course I love wearing DL's gorgeous clothes!


DL: Congratulations on starting your new skincare brand, AWiild! Tell us more about your new product.

Anna: Thank you so much! It's been a huge journey to get to this point, I'm super happy. I'm creating a capsule collection of crystal infused natural skincare, the first product Crème de Quartz is out now. It's a gorgeously rich yet lightweight moisturiser for day or night, or both, packed with lots of super hero natural ingredients for skin cell regeneration and intense hydration and leaves a beautiful subtle glow on the skin. Top notes of frankincense, sandalwood & rosemary means it smells delicious too and of course each pot is charged with clear quartz.

DL: Why was it important to you to use natural ingredients?

Anna: I've always found that natural ingredients are usually much kinder to our skin and and the planet and less likely to cause skin irritation. It's also important for me to know what I'm putting on mine and my clients' skin, natural ingredients are much more transparent to work with, I know what I’m working with!

DL: Have you always been into skincare? What inspired you to start your brand?

Anna: I have indeed always been into skincare. As a makeup artist it's super important, great makeup starts with great skin prep. Never skip the skin prep, it ensures a perfect base for makeup to sit flawlessly. When I started creating the products many moons ago, (as I said before it's been a huge journey haha), I hadn't found many natural skincare brands that worked well enough in a pro sense, I needed something that would prepare that perfect base for makeup, so I decided to create my own formula. I love to cook, my dad was a chef so I grew up watching him and I've always thought if I didn't work with beauty it would be food but I've found a way to fuse the two together, which is perfect. It's been years of turning the kitchen into a lab haha. And of course I’m massively inspired by the holistic and healing energies of Ibiza, so that had to play a huge part.

DL: What’s been the most exciting thing about starting a new business? 

Anna: Seeing your passion come to life is pretty magical. There are many hurdles, don't get me wrong, but when you see all that persistence, passion and hard work come to fruition there's no feeling like it, seeing my boxes of cream unloaded from the lorry and then finally holding that product in my hand was such a buzz, well it still is!

 DL: Where can we buy AWiild products?

​​Of course we are stocked in the lovely Dancing Leopard shop in Ibiza Town. Awiild is also available via our website www.awiild.com and we ship globally. We also have some UK stockists, BANGS hairdressers in Walthamstow, London and also at the BANGS pop up in Pavement store, Walthamstow. For anyone who lives in Ibiza, we are currently doing a free delivery offer, check out our insta for more details @Awiild and we will have a few more Ibiza & London stockists announced very soon.

DL: You’re an Ibiza local, where is your favourite place to spend the day on the island? And your favourite place to party?

Anna: My favourite day on the island has to be a mammoth hike rewarded at the end with a delicious dip in Ibiza's crystal blue waters, so many hidden paradises.

DL: And your favourite place to party?

Anna: It has to be the legendary Pikes, such fun intimate disco vibes in a super cool setting.

DL: Finally, does AWiild have any exciting plans in the pipeline that you can tell us about?

Anna: We are currently working on some gorgeous new products that hopefully should be released by the spring, so watch this space and keep an eye on our insta ;-)

Follow AWiild Skincare on Instagram to keep up with all the latest product launches.
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