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Five Tips For A Successful Campaign Photo Shoot - BTS Malibu Moments SS19

Five Tips For A Successful Campaign Photo Shoot - BTS Malibu Moments SS19

Hey Leopards, we’re back with our best-loved editorial for SS19- Malibu Moments. 

Our gorgeous collection of golden coast inspired styles that will have you glowing the whole way through the summer!

We’ve had so many comments asking us about shoot days and how we produce our gorg’ campaigns, so we’ve put together our top five tips for a successful shoot! 


For any great shoot, having a team of dreams to work with is a MUST! A shoot without a fun loving, skilled team will show in the content produced. Our DL editorial girlboss team, consists of:

  1. Gorgeous models - Sarah Quasar and Raquel Bosca
  2. Make-up artist - Lauren Buckley 
  3. Hair Stylist - Ellia Martin
  4. Wardrobe stylist - Liz Mendez 
  5. Marketing Manager - Rosie Middleton
  6. Videographer - Hattie Scanlan
  7. Photographer - Maria Simon
  8. Shoot Assistant - Lolly 
behind the scenes make up and hair SS19 shoot

Tip number 2 LOCATION IS LIFE!

The location of your shoot needs to compliment your wardrobe, so when choosing a location always take a selection of your outfits to match against. Think about how the location fits with your shoot story too - and you’ll create the perfect match!

collage of hotel images in Ibiza for SS19 shoot

Tip number 3 TRY… AND TRY AGAIN...

Don’t expect to get the perfect shot right away - so many factors can affect a shot. Whether it be background interference, the weather or something that you just can’t put your finger on! If you nail tips one and two - your expert team should be able to solve the problem and having a great location will make shooting all the easier! 

But always persevere until you get the golden shot! 

collage of behind the scenes shots of SS19 shoot

Tip number 4  MAXIMISE THE DAY

Having a great team around you gives ample opportunity to create more assets! Think about behind the scenes footage, insta posts, videos, interviews, blog content that can all be captured during a shoot day. If you have more than one model - what content can you get when the other model isn’t shooting. The opportunities are endless if you’re a good multitasker!

behind the scenes shot of SS19 shoot

Tip number 5…. STAY TRUE TO YOU!

Every brand has it’s own story to tell. Make sure your collection, styling and story is true to your own ethos and goals! Check that what you’re doing is original and relates back to your brand story and heritage. Being unique in a saturated market will always help you stand out from the crowd!

collage of Dancing Leopard models on SS19 shoot

We hope you’ve enjoyed our BTS edit and 5 top tips to a successful campaign shoot! We would love to hear from you with ideas for new blogs, so get in touch on our social channels.

We’ll leave you with one final tip, that should never be underestimated… 


To get the best lighting, shoots normally start very early or very late! So make sure you’re equipped with coffee, juices and snacks throughout the day. Shoots can be exhausting - especially in (our Ibiza) heat. So make sure to take plenty of breaks, with nourishing food and drinks to get the best performance out of the team. 

*Even if it means walking a mile along the beach at 6.30am to find coffee (we definitely did not do this and were fully prepared of course…)

team working on SS19 shoot eating lunch at table in restaurant

Stay wild leopards! x

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