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Sixteen Easy Vegan Food Swaps

Sixteen Easy Vegan Food Swaps

Veganuary’s almost over, but for the many people who are planning to stick to a plant-based diet beyond the month of January, the journey’s just begun! Usually, the most daunting thing about committing to a vegan lifestyle is the stress around what you can and can’t eat. So, to make grocery shopping that little bit easier, we’ve put together a list of 16 plant-based food swaps that can be found in your local supermarket. We'd even go as far to say that they're better than the real thing...

Image of four vegan meat substitutes on white background

Naturally, one of the things that people are most concerned about when converting to a vegan diet is finding meat substitutes. But there's really no need to worry. There are so many plant-based alternatives that perfectly mimic the texture and taste of meat, plus they're full of protein! Here are some of our favourites...

Find them online:
Shop Heck sausages here.
Shop Beyond Meat burgers here.
Shop Naked Glory mince here.
Shop Linda McCartney fish cakes here.
Image of four vegan cheese alternatives on white background
For lots of people, cheese is a way of life. It can be hard to imagine Saturday nights without pizza, or pasta without Parmesan, but going vegan doesn't mean you have to give those things up. From mozzarella to cheddar and everything in-between, there are plenty of plant-based cheeses to indulge in.
Find them online:
Shop Linda McCartney mozzarella burgers here.
Shop Sheese sweet chilli spread here.
Shop Violife Prosociano here.
Shop One Planet pizza here.
Image of four vegan desserts on white background
Your main meal might be sorted, but what about dessert? At DL, we love a sweet treat, so trust us when we say we've hunted for the best vegan puddings. Our favourites include all of the above (if it's chocolate count us in) which you can pick up at most big supermarkets.
Find them online:
Shop GU free from cheesecake here.
Shop Magnum vegan here.
Shop Plant Kitchen chocolate and cherry dessert pot here.
Shop Freaks of Nature sticky toffee pudding here.
Image of four vegan snacks on white background
Last but definitely not least, SNACKS! Whether you're looking for something on the healthy side (hello, Alpro yoghurt) or something more indulgent (we see you, rocky road) there are plenty of vegan bites out there. In fact, a lot of your favourite snacks may be vegan already, for example Oreos, Party Rings and certain Pringles are all accidentally plant-based! You're welcome...
Find them online:
Shop Candy Kittens sour watermelon sweets here.
Shop Bournville dark chocolate fingers here.
Shop Lazy Day Rocky Road Bites here.
Shop Alpro yoghurt here.
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