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What Colours Go With Leopard Print

What Colours Go With Leopard Print

Leopard print. We love it (in case you hadn’t guessed), and you’ll find a fair share of gorg’ hand-drawn leopard print all over our collections. But this fierce print can be a little daunting when you’ve never worn it before. If you’ve finally taken the plunge and bought your first leopard print piece, congrats! Now you just have to style it. So, if you’ve been trying to put together an outfit and caught yourself wondering what colours go with leopard print, then this is the blog for you. As leopard connoisseurs (if we say so ourselves) we’re here to talk you through all the best colours to wear with leopard print, and how to wear them.

dancing leopard model standing wearing Alva midi dress in oversized mono leopard

Alva Midi Shirt Dress in Oversized Mono Leopard £55


We’re stripping it right back and getting down with the basics. Whatever your choice of leopard print, whether it’s bright blue or a classic natural tone, you can’t go wrong with neutrally toned pieces. Think cream, tan, black and white, as these colours will always complement your print and let it take centre stage. If you have a leopard print midi skirt, try pairing it with a black bodysuit or white tee. For dresses, a cream blazer with matching heels is perfect for a summer wedding. If you prefer a darker look, then opt for a classic leopard print and use chocolate browns to create a look that’s autumn-ready.


model wearing Sienna Midaxi Dress in Lime Leopard 

Sienna Midaxi Dress in Lime Leopard £35

Sophie Maxi Slip Skirt in Oversized Leopard Cream on Magenta £17.50

Yellow & Orange

Let’s add a little colour. As yellow and orange are usually close to the tone of natural leopard print, it makes for easy styling when putting together an outfit. To start, decide if your leopard print is more orange or yellow-toned. Once you’ve chosen, work from here to pick pieces within that colour. For example, if your leopard print cami is more orange, add a deep orange midi skirt and black ankle boots. If you’ve got a yellow-toned print jumpsuit, style it with fun yellow accessories such as sunglasses and a clutch.

Pink & Turquoise

We’re taking things up a notch. Now you’ve got the basics down, we’re throwing some bright colours into the mix. When styling pink and turquoise with leopard print, just picture the print being neutral. For a second, imagine that the print wasn’t there, but you can still see the colour. This is how you’ll want to style it. For lighter leopard prints, turquoise can really make the print pop, and the two lighter tones are perfect for summery looks. We’re thinking leopard print bikini under high-waisted turquoise shorts. 

There are so many shades of pink, but with leopard print, we like to go bright. A magenta blazer with a leopard mini dress will create a standout look that’s bound to turn heads. 

Cayenne Wrap Dress in Bright Blue Leopard £48


So, this is where things can get a little tricky. Leopard print and the colour red are each bold statement-makers on their own, so you might think that styling them together would be too much. We’re here to prove that this combination was meant to be, the key is how you style it. Let leopard print be the centrepiece, then use touches of red to accentuate your look without overpowering it. Our fave way to do this is by pairing a leopard print dress with red lipstick, heels and a clutch for a look that’s ready to go out-out. 

Stevie Satin Mini Skirt in Small Red Leopard £28


Okay, we know we said red was tricky, but grey is where it really gets hard. Classic leopard print is warm-toned, whereas grey is naturally a colder colour, so trying to pair the two together can be tricky. So to make them work together, we’re going to mix up our leopard print and opt for a coloured base. Bright blues and purples will look fabulous with grey, so throw a grey jumper over a blue print mini skirt, and you’ve got the style down. 

If you really want to wear a classic leopard print, go for a dark grey - like slate or charcoal - instead of lighter tones, as this can wash out and clash with the warmth of the natural colours. 

Wear Any Colour Confidently

At the end of the day, the one thing that looks good on everyone is confidence. So grab your fave leopard print piece and style it in a way that makes you happy. 

model wearing Izumi Leggings in Blue Leopard

Izumi Leggings in Blue Leopard £24.50

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