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Top Tips for Boss Babe Success!

Top Tips for Boss Babe Success!

To celebrate our new workwear range we thought we'd give you some of our best career advice that our DL team and friends can give . WARNING may earn millions and take over the world if you follow these steps... maybe :P

don't sweat the small stuff text

I think this is one of those hindsight ones… where at the time everything feels super overwhelming. Your boss is on your back, your presentation is overdue and you didn’t manage to get to that breakfast networking event…

OK stop , take a breath and relax. It's time to gather your thoughts and make a list of your priorities (lists are our favourite) Tackle the highest ones first… don’t give in to the easy small ones just to make it feel like you can tick lots of things off your list (we know because we do it all the time too). 

Try and remember the bigger picture when you get overwhelmed with your workload. Does it really matter if your presentation is a little overdue… or if your client is asking for the world? 

As long as you communicate that to them and offer a mutually agreeable solution  you can  really stop sweating the small stuff.

find your balance text

Life is a balancing act… there are times when we have to put in extra hours at work or even the gym… but essentially we need a place or an activity that can return us to a calm and ‘zen place’. 

We are super big fans of yoga here at the Dancing Leopard office but you could try a class like Barre which our marketing manager Sarah reviewed here!

It may be meditation, it may be cycling or even reading a book, we are all different and we are certainly not all zen masters… Whatever it is, find it and make space for it always. We all need a place to relax and unwind from the stresses of our days.

text reading stalk your prospective employers

I don’t know if you’ve noticed  but we have this thing called social media - we are all pretty quick to share our every day personal moments, that crazy photo from last weekends party and the fateful hangovers… so ok that’s cool if you are set to private… but what if a potential client or employer googles you or searches for you Instagram or Twitter? 

It’s something we think about more and more as social media becomes entwined with our public and private persona’s. 

So have a peak at you insta feed and try to look at it from your employers perspective… would you hire you? It works the other way too... take the interview or proposal into your own hands and get their vibes from the company's social feeds and website. It's all out there so use it as a resource!

text reading self improvement
Dancing Leopard model sat on office chair leaning over laughing

Its easy as hell to learn new things with this thing called the internet that's all around us. There are so many free taster courses, blogs, resources and forums that we can dip into in pretty much every arena and industry we can imagine. So don’t take it for granted….

Jobs are unstable and there's always someone younger and brighter who wants your job. You need to make yourself indispensable and you can do that by self-improvement. Find your industry forums and blogs and learn new skills. 

Our top recommended Sites we love for learning new skills are;

  • Skillshare
  • Udemy
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube
  • Duolingo (languages)

Wether you work for yourself or for someone else the goal should be about bettering yourself so you can grow your value. The sky’s the limit , forget the glass ceiling… break it with your badass bossbabe attitude!

you are all bossbabes text

If you are a stay at home mum and you manage to get through the day , do the laundry and not end up in A and E… you’ve had a boss babe moment…. if you’ve learnt new skills and increased your value , your a boss babe, if you chose a healthy snack over a Maccy D then you’re a god damn super hero!

We are women - what is your superpower?

Do keep an eye on the blog for our bossbabe series where we interview super inspiring bossbabes to find out how they do it all!


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