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The Best Cocktails In Ibiza

The Best Cocktails In Ibiza

At club Tropicana drinks are freeeeee…. Ok, maybe not free but if you say Dancing Leopard sent you Andrea the very delicious barman will make you a scrumptious cocktail of his own making. That’s right he designed us our very own Dancing Leopard cocktail to sip on whilst we dangle our paws in the pool. The divine concoction is devoted to the white Isle of Ibiza and the lovely leopards that enjoy it.

Club Tropicana

A few shakes here , some delicious ingredients and a rather long dash of hibiscus vodka (homemade by Andrea) and we‘re away….

Club Tropicana Barman

No joke – this is the best cocktail I’ve ever had and in the super cool surroundings of The Tropicana Ibiza suites in Playa D’en Bossa it’s basically bliss.

Club Tropicana

We did our editorial shoot here because it’s so damn cool ! Think scarface, art deco, cali vintage cool! Be sure to say hi to Freddie Flamingo if you are passing !

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