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Top Five Packing Tips For An (Ibiza) Beach Holiday

Top Five Packing Tips For An (Ibiza) Beach Holiday

So leopards you’ve booked your holiday, you decided against stored luggage and now you realise you can’t fit all 10 pairs of shoes in your hand luggage?

It’s ok we are totally here to help!!!!!

We went on a month's trip to Ibiza recently and picked up some super cool tips to pack lightly when you’re going on a beach holiday!!!

1. Don’t forget the 100ml Liquid limit

Please don’t forget your 100ml liquid limit because it’s literally hell watching the smug faced security man throwing all your expensive hair products and perfumes in the bin! Buy the cheap plastic bottles for your shamps and conditioner etc  or even better, buy it when you arrive it’s just as cheap and it’s a big weight saver. You can certainly forget your Batiste dry shampoo so buy it in the 100’s of Boots stores there seem to be once you’re through security at the airport.

2. Don’t sweat it!

It's over 30 degrees in Ibiza right now and all the girls at Dancing Leopard HQ like to use deodorants without alcohol or parabens. Our absolute fave is Natural Deodorant Company ! The bergamot and orange is totally AMAZING and moisturisers you too. They do handy little travel pots. Another great space saver.

Natural Deodorant Company balm

3. Put half your clothes back in the wardrobe - trust me!

Trust us - you don’t need a fresh outfit every day - think essentials and think light weight.

Sarah Seaton in sea at Cala Salada beach wearing Dancing Leopard kimono

The DL kimonos are the perfect cover up when going from beach to bar … our fave is the Lola Kimono in palm print - as styled by our girl Sarah Seaton above at Cala Salada beach .

All the DL girls are in agreement that the Tiago playsuits are perfect for day to day in the sunshine! We love a simple one piece that just needs a nice chain and sandals to look cheeky and the Samba minis are perfect for those evenings when you want to dazzle a little brighter when you set off for your nights out!

The best thing about the DL pieces is that they are all super lightweight and fold flat into your bag.

4. Stay protected

We know you know but whack the sunblock on - because burning on the first day and getting sun-stroke is not the one. You don’t want to be the bright red lobster in the corner of Amnesia nor do you want to miss out whilst your friends adventure around all of the beautiful sights of the island!

5. Have a bloody great time and do as much as possible!

Eat , drink dance and laugh until your sides split . If you happen to be in Ibiza, get a car and visit ES Vedra, Go to an Uber luxury pool party at Destino and dance and drink way too much at Space and Amnesia. Make it a magical adventure because it will be one you will never forget!


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