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Hello lovely Leopards!!!

Welcome to the third and final part of our Ibiza Creatives series...boo! For this post, we have someone very special to share with you. Someone who you may already recognise...that's right, our very own Leopard babe, Sarah Qaisar!

The beautiful J.anne sat down with Sarah to get to know the girl behind the photos.Our mega-babe lives over in Ibiza and we couldn't wait to find out a little bit more about life on the island...

Sarah Qaisar stood next to plant against orange wall

What is your personal journey in Ibiza? How long have you been here, what brings you to Ibiza and why Ibiza over anywhere else?

I’ve been coming to Ibiza and spending the summers here since 2002. Ibiza has so many things to offer – stunning nature, great food, warm weather, fresh air, friends who come and visit from all over the world and many options to go out and listen to music. I don’t need anything else.

Sarah Qaisar holding sunglasses stood next to plant pots

You have been modelling for Dancing Leopard for 5 years now! What’s your favourite thing about being the face of the brand?

I feel really proud and honoured to have been part of Dancing leopard from the beginning and to see the label growing from strength to strength. I also really enjoy working with Jade she values my opinion which is really nice. It’s much more than just being the face.

Sarah Qaisar sat on wall of plant bed with tree trunk and bushes in background

You also lead the dancers of Cocoon with Sven Vath as well as designing the outfits for the girls - this sounds like a dream job - tell us more, do you enjoy it? How do you come up with the ideas for the outfits?

I work together with my business partner and best friend Liz Mendez. We start working on ideas after the season is over in October. We spend a few days together brainstorming ideas and then from that we create a mood board, which we then present to Sven and to Cocoon. We always think sophisticated, futuristic and high impact when it comes to coming up with Ideas.

It’s always a really fun process and there is a lot of room for creativity which I thoroughly enjoy. It’s not just the costumes we work on but it’s the overall look including hair and makeup. This year we did a collaboration with Jack Irving who is absolutely amazing! I saw his show at LFW on Instagram so I decided to send him a message asking if he would be interested in collaborating with Liz and I on the cocoon costumes and low and behold he is a huge Sven fan and has been following him for the past 15 years!

Sarah Qaisar stood in front of bench wearing black dress

You have a full on schedule! - How do you manage the work/life balance here on the island?

I always try and make sure I have some time to myself by not saying yes to every job or social occasion. Activities, like going for a hike or staying at home cooking and enjoy dinner with my loved ones, allow me to decompress and have a balance

Sarah Qaisar sat on wall wearing leopard print bikini and kaftan

And the question that everyone is dying to know the answer to - what is your beauty secret!! Do you have a special fitness regime?

Well, I don’t have any beauty secrets apart from the obvious - no processed foods, lots of fresh air and exercise in any form. I try to workout as often as I can but it’s difficult during the summer. I have a trainer who comes to my house twice a week and we do a mix of plyometrics, cardio, boxing and some weights

Sarah Qaisar wearing Dancing Leopard two piece sat on lounger

Favourite secret place to hang out in Ibiza

I’m not going to tell you or else it won't be a secret anymore :).

But what I can tell you is that my favourite things to do in Ibiza are watching the sunrise and watching the sunset.

Sarah Qaisar sat on wall wearing sunglasses and leopard print bikini with white kaftan

So Leopards there you have it - a little inside snippet into the life of our goddess Sarah. We have absolutely loved sharing our Ibiza Creatives series with you all and we hope it has given you insight into life on the island and the magic that is created! We cannot wait to get back to Ibiza so stay connected to our Facebook/Instagram/Twitter and here on the blog to follow our journey and see what we get up to next!

Sarah Qaisar stood against orange wall looking sideways away from camera