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Leopards, we would like to introduce you to our latest inspirational bossbabe Tiffany Watson. Previously known for her role in television series Made In Chelsea, but more recently for her entrepreneurial and admirational skillset. Owning three businesses at the age 26, this is one fierce Leopard, we wanted to get to know!

Team DL met up with the lovely Tiffany in London, to get an insight into her career juggling, fitness keeping, goal setting world in line with our competition with one of her brands, ThreeSixFive. Here's what she had to say...

Tiffany Watson in a cafe with laptop, tea and 2019 diary
Where are you working and living currently?
Currently, I’m living in London, I just bought my first flat which was a really exciting life goal moment for me! Because I am self-employed I have the freedom to work from all over the place.

What's your favourite thing to do in London?
My favourite thing to do in London is to try all the different foodie spots. There are so many amazing vegan restaurants in London. I also love trying new workout classes with friends or my sister.

What's your daily routine?
My daily routine is I normally wake up around 7am, have a large glass of water with lemon and then make myself a coffee with almond milk with my Nespresso maker. I then normally head to a workout class of which I typically do with a friend or my sister. After that my days vary, some days I’m rushing around London going to various meetings and events and other days I am working from home/Tell Your Friends my restaurant.

Tell us about 365, how did it start? 
ThreeSixFive started because I wanted to create a vegan alternative for luxury “leather” accessories. I love being organised, traveling and making plans so I thought starting with creating a vegan leather diary was the perfect first product. Since then we have gone on to launch notebooks, phone cases and recently bought out faux leather crossbody bags and a travel accessory line.

You're a young age to have your own business - how do you stay focused? 
I have always been very self-motivated and driven. I enjoy working hard and am very hard on myself if I have lazy/unmotivated days. I think having such a hard working Father who started and built up his own company when we were young I have grown up around that. Our parents never spoilt us growing up, we had an amazingly comfortable childhood but weren’t given everything on a plate which I think gave me the determination to earn my own money and work hard.

Tiffany Watson in a dark lit restaurant wearing Dancing Leopard holding a glass of wine

How else do you look after yourself?
I try to drink lots of water and constantly remind myself to do so. I always try to get lots of sleep and evenings where I do have the luxury of chilling out, I’m normally in bed by 9! If I’m having a busy week where I’m lacking a good night of sleep, I really feel it and my body definitely tells me as I start to feel run down. Sleep is literally the best cure for looking after yourself. I also love exercising and it makes me feel much more energised and good about myself

What's the best career advice you've ever been given?
The best career advice I’ve ever been given is to love what you do because then you won’t find it a struggle to work hard. If you are enjoying what you do then it won’t seem like work.. all the time! Don’t waste your life working in an industry you hate. Life is too short!

"Love what you do because then you won't find it a struggle to work hard"

What career advice would you give to anyone aspiring to pursue a dream?
I would tell anyone aspiring to pursue a dream is to not rush, in order to launch the business quickly. It’ll show in your end product/business if you’ve rushed to launch it quickly. It’s better to launch a few months/years later down the line and having an amazingly high quality finished venture/product and something that you are proud of.

What's your style?
My style is girly casual. I love plain, cute tees, dresses and good quality pieces. For the evening though I like to dress a little more glamorous and wear bolder prints.

Tiffany Watson wearing Dancing Leopard two piece holding glass of champagne
What's your favourite DL piece?
My favourite DL piece is the Monte Carlo shirt I am wearing in the giveaway! It’s a super cute colour and fit and perfect day to evening piece.

What's next for you and 365?
This year I’m hoping to expand ThreeSixFive range with some new pieces and colours. Keeping our classic products like our planners while also adding some new pieces to make a complete collection.

Wow, we were super impressed with Tiffany and her motivation to succeed both in her career and physical self. You can see more of what Tiffany get's up to here and don't forget to enter our competition here to win 2 Dancing Leopard Monte Carlo shirts and 2 planners from ThreeSixFive.
We would love to hear from you to let us know who you would like to see on our next Leopard Babe feature, be sure to get in touch via social media.
Team DL x

Tiffany Watson sat in restaurant beside Dancing Leopard Rosie and Mary
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