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We’ve been crushing on the multi-talented, mega-babe Laura Whitmore for some time now. So when we were given the opportunity to quiz her about her latest projects - we simply couldn’t be more excited! As well as being super stylish and an Irish Fashion Icon, Laura is also a beautiful soul. Laura has an extensive portfolio of media work, but has also utilised her status to represent prominent charities such as UNICEF and Free The Children, by helping to raise awareness of global issues. With her unique style and kind personality. it’s clear to see why Laura Whitmore deserves to be featured on our Leopard Babe Blog post! Read down for our quickfire Q&A with the leopard lady herself…

Laura Whitmore walking her dog wearing Dancing Leopard dress

So Laura, tell us what projects you’re working on right now? 

I've been super busy working on a few different projects, but my main focus right now is my new series for BBC 5 Live, Laura Whitmore’s Sunday Session! It started back in June and I'm absolutely loving it, I'm so excited to be back on the radio - it feels great!

We think your charity work with UNICEF and Focus Ireland is so inspiring, what would you say the most rewarding part of working with such influential and charitable organisations? 

The most rewarding is seeing that kindness and unity really makes a difference - also the resilience of the human spirit, it really is amazing. I'm so thankful I have the opportunity to help others, and to be involved in with such influential charities that actually create change.

We’re so excited to see Sadhbh, the short film you’ve been working on, what was the reason for taking part in this specific film? 

It was something I wrote a year ago and it's about a story which I feel needs to be told, and should be told. I’ve known the director Arjun Rose for a long time and this project was something we’ve been working on for a while... it was just a matter of timing. It's all been such a great experience and I hope people enjoy watching it, and take something away from the film.

collage of photos of Laura Whitmore

Are you wanting to move away from presenting and DJing and explore your acting career further? 

I love hosting as it’s another form of storytelling. I have an online music series called This Feeling TV which I’m working on and another TV project in the pipeline - I can't tell you much about it though - yet! I've always enjoyed DJing and I’ve always done it for fun. I still regularly DJ as music is such a powerful tool that will always be in my life.

We’re obsessed with your style, you know we love a bold print at Dancing Leopard, what would you say your favourite print was and why? 

I love clashing animal prints, which Dancing Leopard do so well - I'm obsessed with leopard print this season! Introducing an animal print into your outfit makes making a statement so effortless and easy. No need to accessorise, just let the print do the talking and you're good to go!

What inspires you when choosing an outfit?

Most certainly the comfort factor, and also how it makes me feel in myself. When I was younger, I would never wear colour, but now it really changes my mood. I love how certain outfits can make you feel amazing! I love wearing my DL Jagger Dress, it's so flattering and makes such a statement with minimal effort!

We’re really into self-care and taking care of both our physical and mental health here at DL. Our leopards would love to know, one thing which you do regularly in order to look after yourself?

It is so important to give yourself a break and not constantly be 'switched on'. Even if it’s just giving yourself to have a cup of tea in the bath (yes I do that - sometimes wine is involved)! You're more likely to perform better if you're well-rested. Just make it your priotiy to take time out of your day to have some time 'you' time, it's so important!

What makes you happiest?

That’s a hard question but simply pissing myself laughing (not literally)! There's no better feeling then when you get the giggles with your mates and you just cannot stop laughing. There really is no better feeling in the world - that’s my happy place!

What does the future hold for you? 

I’ll let you know, when I know! You'll have to keep following over on my Instagram page to find out...

four Dancing Leopard dresses which Laura Whitmore loves

We hope you leopards enjoyed our question and answer session with Laura! We’re huge fans of Laura’s chilled out vibe, I’m sure you’ll all agree with us that Laura is one cool leopard babe! Laura rocks our Green Leopard Jagger Dress, shop her look now.

We would be delighted to hear from you, if you would like to be featured as next month’s Leopard Babe! Be sure to get in touch with us via social media!

Team DL x

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