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Happy Thursday Leopards! We are delighted to share with you our latest interviewee, and to date, one of the most empowering women to take our stage! Meet our gorg' influencer, Jordan Bone...

Jordan Bone sat on sofa wearing Dancing Leopard Venice Dress in Green
Jordan wears our Venice dress in green

We’ve been following you on Instagram for some time now, but tell us a little bit about yourself...

Well, I'm Jordan, I love all things beauty, fashion, music and motivation. When I was 15 I was involved in a car accident which resulted in being paralysed from the chest down. After such a life-changing injury I became depressed wondering what I would be able to do with my life, I was lost. Then one day I discovered guided meditation on youtube which was the start of my life again. Since then I have tried to encourage others to live their best lives possible despite any struggle. I created a lot of positivity based videos which then led to makeup tutorials mixed in too and now a bit of fashion and lifestyle. By sharing my story and hopefully encouraging others to go for their own dreams I have been able to create a great life for myself in the process.

Wow Jordan, you really are a total inspiration. You’ve had a diverse few years, but what has been your favourite experience?

Ever since I was about 14 I had wanted to travel to California but because I need to take personal assistants with me wherever I go it seemed like such a palaver but last year I really decided to just do the things I want because life goes by so quickly. So, last May I went to California and I had such an amazing time, it was everything I hoped it would be & I cannot wait to go back and make more memories. 

Your book ‘My beautiful struggle’ is one of our best reads. You truly are one in a million and it seems that nothing can stand in your way Jordan, so what’s next on your bucket list?

Thank you! Ah, perhaps another book someday! To be honest, I am currently searching for my next thing...we sometimes put pressure on ourselves and so I am just having a bit of me time whilst I think of the next step on my journey.

Jordan Bone celebrating her first book launch with hands in the air
Jordan celebrating her first book launch

You’ve quite clearly inspired so many people around the world, but who inspires you on a daily basis?

That's so sweet, even if I've inspired one person it means the world. On a daily basis I'd say my mum because she has been my rock throughout my entire life, without her I wouldn't be who I am today. She doesn't get enough credit. I am also inspired by Lana Del Rey for her poetic words and aesthetic and Lady Gaga, she is just amazing, she embodies confidence, talent and love for herself and others which is beautiful.

What makes you happiest?

Being by the ocean with the sun shining surrounded by those closest to me.

We’re all about wellness and positive vibes here at DL HQ, can you share with us two things you do daily to take care of yourself?

Meditation is something which really helps and to be honest I don't do it as much as I should but if I don't listening to a motivational talk has a similar effect on me. Also, putting on a fab outfit and putting on some makeup makes me feel like myself and I feel happier when I am happy with my style because it's like an extension of me and who I want to show to the world.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

I went to a Tony Robbins seminar and he speaks a lot about Gratitude so finding what you are grateful for each day really changes your perception of things in the best way. Once you're more grateful you are happier because you realise you are most grateful for the little things a lot of people may just take for granted.

So, let’s talk fashion… we’re huge fans of your blog and Instagram account, how would you describe your style right now?

I really don't know how I would describe my style at the moment, I just like what I like...One day it'll be an oversized t-shirt, thick socks and some Dr Martens, the next I could be in one of your cute dresses. It all depends on my vibe that day. However, I'd say my style is a lot more relaxed than it used to be.

We’re so happy you love Dancing Leopard as much as we do, what is your favourite piece and why?

I love the leopard print monte Carlo shirt because you can wear it so many ways so you get more than one shirt haha. It feels great on the skin too and I mean who doesn't love a bit of leopard print!? I adore your clashing prints too -  the coolest!

Jordan Bone wearing Dancing Leopard monte carlo shirt in nude leopard

Jordan wears our monte carlo shirt in nude leopard

Yes, we've seen you rocking our Leopard Print Monte Carlo Shirt on your Instagram, what would you say your favourite print is and why? 

Definitely leopard print! It's timeless but bold, you can dress it up or down and suits everyone!

Any last words?

Thank you for interviewing me, I love Dancing Leopard! To anyone reading this, if you're having a bad day know its temporary and it'll get better, begin to believe in yourself and that you can achieve anything you wish with the right mindset. Xx
Thank you Jordan, it's been our absolute pleasure to meet you! 
Team DL x
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