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Introducing: Our Happy Hippie Cats Charity T-Shirt

Introducing… our funky new t-shirt, in support of Happy Hippie Cats Ibiza. We’re donating 100% of profit from every single purchase to their important cause. 

Happy Hippie Cats is a not-for-profit organisation that cares for the street cats of Ibiza. On the island, there are so many stray cats that haven’t been neutered, meaning they create more kittens that are also abandoned. The number of stray cats is increasing all the time and animal rights groups in Ibiza are struggling to keep up with the demand.

Happy Hippie Cats’s main goal is to neuter Ibizan strays to prevent more unwanted kittens from being born. For every cat they neuter, they pay the veterinary and aftercare bills. However, they also do lots of great work besides this. Happy Hippie Cats volunteers go all over the island to feed colonies of cats every day, finding them on the beach, in the forest and on the street. They also have a network of foster homes and they work with a care and placement agency that rehomes many cats and kittens each year.

collage of Happy Hippie Cats images

Happy Hippie Cats is made up of passionate animal rights activists who want to end the suffering of strays - and all animals. Although their main focus is cats, if they come across an injured dog, bird or other animal, they will care for them too. All of their work is self-funded and their volunteers work for free, so they rely on support and donations from the public to carry out their mission.

Dancing Leopard’s co-founders, Jade and Jack, have adopted two Ibizan rescue cats (named Snoop and Dre, who you may see in our photo shoots from time to time) so they know first-hand how important it is that animal rights groups like Happy Hippie Cats exist. Through this t-shirt, we hope to raise awareness for this issue and help fund Happy Hippie Cats to neuter and rehome Ibizan strays. 

collage of images of the Happy Hippie Cats Dancing Leopard T-Shirt

The ‘Happy Hippie Cats T-Shirt’ is made from 100% breathable organic cotton and printed with eco-friendly ink that’s better for the planet. The design is totally unique and was created by our in-house designer, who also hand-wrote the 'Happy Hippie Cats' text on the back. To stay true to the ‘hippie’ vibe, we’ve gone with bright colours and a tie-dye pattern that'll stand out against your denim. We're proud to say that this style is PETA-approved vegan and Fair Wear Accredited. 

The founder of Happy Hippie Cats has also written a brilliant book about Ibizan culture, packed with local knowledge and delicious Balearic recipes. We currently have a limited number on our website and we'll be donating the profits made from these, too! 

book about Ibizan culture

Want to learn more about the work that Happy Hippie Cats do?


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