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Dancing Leopard X The Railway Children

Dancing Leopard X The Railway Children

White Friday Railway Children banner - profits from sales each Friday to Railway Children

Giving-back to communities and charities is a value which we hold extremely close to our hearts. Philanthropy is a vital element in our leopard mantra. As our loyal leopards already know, Dancing Leopard was born in India and was inspired by the bohemian markets of Goa. India is where our first roots were planted and will forever be part of who we are.

As India has provided us with so much inspiration and friendship over the years, we wanted to give back to the country which has helped us grow. That’s why we’re introducing our new ‘White Friday’ campaign. Each consecutive Friday; from Friday 10th January until we have raised enough money to reach our target goal, we’ll be donating every single penny made on our website to our chosen charity partner- Railway Children

collage of images showing children helped by Railway Children charity


Railway Children works hard to protect the millions of children who use railways as a means to escape from violence and abuse. With donations and support from brands like us and the general public, the charity has been able to reach over 300,000 street children over the past 22 years. Shockingly we've learned that one child arrives alone at a platform every 5 minutes in India. Astounded by these statistics, the DL team knew they wanted to help in any way possible. 

Our goal is to raise enough money to support Railway Children charity to adopt-a-station in India. By adopting a railway station, this will enable the charity to open a new help centre that will also act as a refuge. By adopting a station, we will further be able to support them in providing staff for the on-platform help centre and ensure safeguarding training is supplied for those staff members.

This will ensure maximum protection for vulnerable children within the station location. 

By supporting our efforts to raise enough money to adopt a station, the Railway Children charity and their help centre workers will be able to reach young people before they fall into the hands of someone else, by taking them to immediate safety and by giving them food, drink, medication and continuous care until they find their safe, forever home again.

We truly hope that you will support us in fundraising for the Railway Children charity and will consider purchasing your DL garms on a Friday, to help raise as much money as we can to adopt a station and protect these beautiful, less fortunate children.

Find out more about Railway Children here - https://www.railwaychildren.org.uk

Discover how you can support them here - https://www.railwaychildren.org.uk/get-involved/ 

Donate directly now - https://www.railwaychildren.org.uk/donate/ 

Team DL x 

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