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Why Working From Home In Pyjamas Is Good For You

Why Working From Home In Pyjamas Is Good For You

We all love being comfy, but especially when we’re at home. Thanks to lockdown, many of us are now working from home or hybrid working a couple of days a week, meaning the usual office outfits have taken a backseat in favour of cosy PJs. But the question of, can we wear our PJs while we work? And is it good for us? Might be on your mind. Something that sounds dreamy for those of us who sit at a desk for 8 hours a day, may actually be impacting our mental health and productivity. 

But with a whirlwind couple of years of lockdowns and working restrictions, our productivity problems can’t totally be blamed on our comfy outfits. Many studies report that pyjamas can't actually be the issue with our productivity when WFH, as surely being comfy at work removes the workwear distractions of uncomfortable clothes and scratchy tights? Let’s find out.

Why Working From Home In Pyjamas Is Good For You

With many traditional workwear outfits limited to smart casual style, it can be difficult to feel comfortable. This often includes scratchy tights, starchy shirts and structured tailoring, so a break from this while WFH is a dream come true. By removing these distractions and feeling comfortable, you can concentrate on what you are working on whilst staying cosy. 

Though some studies suggest that wearing your PJs while working lessens your productivity, it mainly removes the motions of getting ready in the morning. When we stay in the same PJs from the night before, not only are we not creating a morning routine, but we’re also not creating that mental divide from relaxing bedtime to workspace concentration. 

To get around this to enjoy your workday in PJs, pick two sets and have one for sleep and one for work. This way, you still get the outfit change to maintain a routine and switch your mindset, but you get to stay in PJs all day for ultimate workwear comfort.

A satin set with a structured collar, long sleeves and piping details is a gorg’ choice for those zoom meetings. Just accessorise with minimal gold jewellery and a sleek bun for the ultimate smart, comfy look. Another tip for working from home in pyjamas is only to do it a couple of days a week. Use these PJ days to recharge, especially if you’re having a low day and need the comfort of pyjamas. 

When Should You Avoid Wearing Pyjamas Whilst Working From Home?

Whilst there’s no reason every day can’t be a comfy working day, sometimes PJs are best saved for nighttime. As we’re already working in an environment that we find chilled, laid back and comfortable, it can make getting into the workspace mindset hard, and what you wear can sometimes affect this. 

To create a productive mindset, routine is a must. Creating structure to our day helps us power through our tasks and smash those deadlines both at work and in our regular lives. This is why many studies argue that dressing in your ‘work’ clothes gets your brain to shift to that office mindset. Our pyjama days can also pair with a lazy day attitude, making us move less and our productivity drop.

To get around these issues, build your structured day by making lists, meal prepping and checking in for when you need a tea or coffee break. Also, as mentioned previously, have working from home pyjamas and a sleeping set of comfy PJs to keep the comfort but maintain the structure.  

Where Should I Buy Pyjamas?

With so many brands introducing sleepwear lines, choosing where to buy the perfect pair of working from home PJs is a tricky decision. At Dancing Leopard, we LOVE a satin PJ moment. Here are some of our faves:

1. Cosmos Satin Long Leg PJ Set in Ruby Red Leopard

No PJ collection is complete without a leopard print set. This set is made from silky satin-feel fabric, which is great for keeping you cosy through the winter whilst still being cool enough for summer.


Cosmos Satin Long Leg PJ Set in Ruby Red Leopard

2. Oona Shortie PJ Set in Polka Dot Purple on Green

This is the perfect set for a smart/casual dressed-up shirt look. Pair with some minimal jewellery and a sleek updo for a put-together yet comfy look. The white piping detail and structured fit of the shirt gives that smart feel which is perfect for any online meeting.

3. Oona Shortie PJ Set in Poppies on Black

This floral moment is all designed by us. We love a bold print, and with all our prints hand-drawn by our own print designer, all our prints are unique to DL! This short and long-sleeve set is ideal for summer sleeping, with the contrast lime green piping elevating this already gorg’ set.

model wearing Oona Shortie PJ Set in Poppies on Black

Oona Shortie PJ Set in Poppies on Black


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