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Secret Garden Party x Dancing Leopard

Secret Garden Party x Dancing Leopard

We knew our leopards were wild but seriously you guys !!! We had the best time EVER with you! For those of you that have been to SGP you know how super crazy it can get - it's one of the coolest most creative festivals we have been too and the party vibes are flowing.

It was great to catch up with festival friends there too like BoBo Boutique and we can't wait to party again.  Dancing in the moonlight with our favourite leopards is something we will never forget. Until next year (or Wilderness festival if you're going) .

Don't forget our next festival we have a stall at Wilderness.... join us for lake swimming, yoga on paddleboards and glorious glittery adventures.

If you joined us at SGP try and spot your see your face in our gallery below #secretleopard


couple holding Dancing Leopard sign at Secret Garden Party
couple wearing Dancing Leopard at Secret Garden Party
someone holding #secretleopard sign covering their face wearing Dancing Leopard at Secret Garden Party
close up of lady wearing sunglasses and face art
lady wearing Dancing Leopard floral kimono with purple hair and face art at Secret Garden Party
Dancing Leopard clothes on rail at Secret Garden Party
3 girls holding #secretleopard sign at Secret Garden Party
lady posing in front of Dancing Leopard shop at Secret Garden Party
lady holding old style photo frame
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