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How to dress if you're Wild at Heart

How to dress if you're Wild at Heart

You Leopards are true adventurers and your wanderlust never ceases to amaze us!  We've seen you on beautiful beaches, in the jungle, trekking across continents... and we know that you are always looking for the perfect outfit for your travels.

We asked around the ladies at the office and a few of our digital nomad girls travelling the globe and came up with the 3 most important aspects the perfect outfit for travelling has to be;


We all know how painful it is trying to get down to your baggage limit so if our clothes can help with this then its a deal maker!

Comfortable ( for all adventures)

OK we are not retired yet but we hike, we climb, and sometimes we just chill at the beach  so our outfit has to suit our lifestyle day in day out.

We gotta look the BOMB Diggy!

Just because we see ourselves as wild child's roaming  the globe  does not mean we don't like to look and feel good in what we wear...

Soo here at Dancing Leopard , right at our very roots - our first and most popular item was designed exactly for this occasion. The perfect Outfit for the wild at heart, the wanderers, the passport stampers and the sunset chasers.

Our genie jumpsuit fits the bill. Wether it's a love of  patterns, bright block prints or #allblackeverything we have a design to reflect your personal style.  Perfect for every adventure! Check out some of the newbies below. Leopard Love x



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