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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun In: Bali

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun In: Bali


Bali is a destination that crams in so many potential adventures, that it’s hard to know where to start! Luckily for you, our Marketing Manager Sarah just spent an entire month out there to make it easy for you! Here are her tips for making the most out of your trip to the Island of the gods.


When in Ubud it’s time to embrace your spirituality. Even if you think Ashtanga is a nasty rash - this is your moment to open your mind and try the astonishing array of yoga and meditation classes available all over the bustling town.

The yoga barn is the haven of yogi’s in Ubud. Its set back from Hanoman road is nestled within the surrounding forests. There are so many classes to choose from here from Healing yin yoga, vinyasa flow, and even tai chi. Each evening  there is a beautiful meditations class and these are perfect for relaxing after a day of adventure. A particular favourite of mine was the Tibetan bowl and sacred geometry meditation. Be prepared to experience a new level of meditation and stillness here. There’s something about the way the elements of the beautiful Balinese environment, readiness and teaching come together . An experience I will never forget!

If you want to have more of a giggle - there are some fabulous aerial yoga classes on at Radiantly alive to get the blood rushing to parts of your body you never thought possible.

Sarah doing aerial yoga upside down
Aerial Yoga at Radiantly Alive

Places to Eat: Kafe , Buddha bowl,  any of the Warungs (local eateries).

If you’re vegan basically the whole of Bali is your dream. The Indonesian cuisine organically caters for GF, vegan, vege, dairy free etc and most farmers can’t afford to use pesticides so most food is already organic.

bowl of red curry from Buddha Bowl - Ubud
Red Curry at Buddha Bowl - Ubud


This is where you need to put yourself if you’re a surfer dudette. There are plenty of surf shacks and guest houses to stay in here. You can even rent a moped with surfboard holder for just 50,000 IDR (£3.00) per day.

The famous Echo Beach and the stretch out to Batoo Balong  is a great place to spend your days and have numerous surf classes that you can take  every day.

Check out Nalu bowls for the best smoothie bowls you will ever consume in your life and Shady shack to discover the vegan in you (WARNING : may convert meat eaters to veganism here)

Uluwatu Smoothie Bowl at Nalu Bowls - Canggu
Uluwatu Smoothie Bowl @ Nalu Bowls - Canggu

Other places to eat : Crate, cafe organic, Bro

If you’re a digital nomad and working whilst you travel - Bali is a great choice of destination. With Hubud and Onion collective  then there is Dojo in Canggu, with the best wifi you will find , great communities with burgeoning events culture and yummy healthy cafes to keep you energized.

Choc top and Berry smoothie at Shady Shack - Canggu
Choc top and Berry smoothie @ Shady Shack - Canggu

Trips and places not to miss!

  • The beaches at Uluwatu are indescribably beautiful and if you dare to  battle the tides, go to Suluban beach.
  • If you want to party then Gili T or Seminyak is where you want to be. You kind of lose the balinese spirit here but it’s super fun when you want to let go for a while.
beach in Bali with boat in the background
  • Gili Meno (in the right season) is where you can find the turtle conservation centre . Don’t forget to donate to the cause as this place runs on the kindness of its visitors.
  • I would 100% recommend doing a volcano trek. I’d go for Mount Batur its 1777 ft and you can join a tour to watch the sunrise. Its an early one though so you have to be wide-eyed and ready to go at 1am. Don’t forget to wrap up warm too as you don't want to be caught unprepared and freeze at the top before sunrise. 
  • Tegalalang Rice Terraces - These are world heritage sites and rightfully so. The vastness of the rice terraces fund just outside of Ubud are awe inspiring. Grab a moped and get there around 7am to get a local farmer to show you around to avoid all the other tourists paying ridiculous fees.
Tegalalang Rice Terraces
  • Monkey Forest (Ubud)- go early to avoid the masses and watch out for your sunglasses, these animals are wild and curious!
monkey eating banana at monkey forest Ubud

P.S Don't forget that it's the people that make the trip. The locals are so kind and amazing in Bali (especially Ubud) and there is such a traveler culture you will have no problem making friends especially if you are traveling alone. Enjoy your travels!!!


We would love to hear any more tips you might have ! Comment below :)


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