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Every day is 'Jumpsuit Day' :)

Every day is 'Jumpsuit Day' :)

Jumpsuits are one of the wardrobe staples that us girls rely on day after day.  From smart tailoring at the office to bold colours on our nights out with the girls. There is SERIOUSLY a jumpsuit for every occasion.

These are our Editor's pick for her 3 favourite jumpsuits and when to wear them!

Night out with the girls: Venus Jumpsuit

Damn girl, you know you're gonna look good all night long in our venus jumpsuit! Dazzle everyone around as you dance the night away with your girls. The Venus jumpsuit is also available in Royal Blue, Black and Red.

Dancing Leopard model facing forwards wearing Venus Jumpsuit in Green
Venus Jumpsuit in Green

To the office: Stardust Jumpsuit in Birds of Paradise

Walk in on Monday, the strong woman that you are and own it ! We know you can do this already but the right clothes can boost your confidence and the stardust jumpsuit is perfect for this occasion!

Dancing Leopard model facing side on wearing Stardust jumpsuit in birds of paradise
Stardust jumpsuit in birds of paradise

Dinner with the In-Laws: Kimono Jumpsuit in Wildflower

Dinner with the in-laws is always a tricky one - they're a tough crowd.  This Kimono jumpsuit is perfect for the long Sunday dinners out with the family when you want to make your weekends a little more special.

Dancing Leopard model facing forwards wearing Kimono Jumpsuit in Wildflower
Kimono Jumpsuit in Wildflower

Date Night: Zita Jumpsuit in Black

Whether it's a 1st date or an 81st date - sweep your lover off their feet with this heart-stopping Zita Jumpsuit.  Resistance is futile :P

Dancing Leopard model facing side on wearing Zita Jumpsuit in Black
Zita Jumpsuit in Black 

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